Stressed, burned out, and ready to throw the towel in because life isn't what you thought it should, could, or would be??? I know all about it, I've struggled with these very emotions and more on too many occasions to count. For 13 out of the past 17 years I've been a full-time mom/wife, full-time employee, and full-time student… all at the same time!!! I know that trying to balance everything can seem like a juggling act, but when you tap in to your inner truth, anything can be accomplished!

I enjoy working with people who may feel overwhelmed with all the demands of trying to be everything for everyone. I help them get their mojo back by reminding them of who they truly are and connecting them with their inner wisdom. I love showing clients how to vibrationally align with their truest and highest essence so they can raise their consciousness and recognize their life is full of love, excitement, abundance, and bliss!

In our energy-based Universe ​everything has a specific vibrational signature. As a Vibrational Alignment Coach, I work with clients to get down to the nitty gritty of what they truly desire at the heart and soul levels so they can align with the vibrations of those desires and experience a life that they love living! I specialize in using essential Laws of the Mind, like the Law of Attraction, to help clients create their ideal lives!


My name is Ife and I am a Vibrational Alignment Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner!

Manifest Your Heart's and Soul's Desires with

Vibrational Alignment Coaching by

Ife Damon