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If you are interested in collaborating to help students help their communities, please contact me.

Education Specialist

I am a mother, educator, student, trainer, coach, motivational speaker, activist and advocate. ​My mission is to help educators help students help their communities by collaborating with individuals, groups, and institutions to develop strategies for implementing community-based learning activities into the curriculum. 

Community-Based Learning (CBL)
CBL refers to a variety of instructional practices used to connect what is being taught in schools to students' surrounding communities. 

Benefits of CBL include:​
     ✓  helping students understand academic content in "real world" context
     ✓  increasing students' excitement about learning
     ✓  strengthening students' higher order thinking skills
     ✓  developing students' 21st Century and 3rd Millennium skills™
     ✓  improving students' retention of academic knowledge 
     ✓  expanding students' college and career-readiness 
     ✓  fostering stronger relationships between schools and their communities
     ✓  increasing the community’s investment in, understanding of, and support for the school

CBL is a viable solution to closing the opportunity gap that many marginalized students experience because it is a culturally responsive and relevant approach to education that allows students to use standards-based skills to better understand and improve their communities. 

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