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One-on-One Coaching
Receive undivided support with living the life of your dreams! In one-on-one sessions, we'll solely focus on your goals as we work together to discover more about who you are through various exercises, processes, and activities that will help you to identify, align with, and manifest your most authentic desires! I like for our infinite mind to guide the coaching sessions, so I primarily coach "in the moment." Change your life from the comfort of your own home as all one-on-one sessions take place over the phone or through Skype. Please contact me if you are interested in a one-on-one session package.

Group Coaching
Experience the benefits that come along with the synergy of a mastermind group! In group sessions, members enjoy life more than ever before by contributing to each others' expansion through the sharing of achievements, challenges, and solutions. With the focus on goals that are common within the group, each session includes a mini-sharing/lesson, a vibrationally aligning process or guided visualization, and a during-the-week activity. All group sessions take place over the phone, however, dial-in through Skype (audio only) is also available. Please contact me if you are interested in joining a group!

4-week Vibrational Alignment Series Teleclasses
Explore more about the nature of who you truly are as an abundant and infinite being!  Every series consists of 4-weekly teleclasses that focus on a specific empowering topic each week. Tap in to your higher mind with guided visualizations and/or processes that will increase your ability to allow your desires to unfold with ease and effortlessness! Simple activities are also given to help you implement these aligning practices into your life on a regular basis. Teleclasses are available via phone, Skype (audio only), or webcast. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in my next teleclass series!

4-week Vibrational Alignment Series Recordings
Can't make it to the live teleclasses??? No problem, each monthly series is recorded and available for purchase!!! Listening to these recordings will help you appreciate the life you currently live while aligning you with your heart's and soul's desires to bring the life of your dreams (and beyond) to fruition! Each recording includes a mini sharing/lesson, an in class activity and a during-the-week activity, process and/or guided visualization. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these series

Personalized Subconscious Mind Transformation Recording
The subconscious mind is said to be 1 million times stronger than the conscious mind and is primarily responsible for the life that you create and experience. In order for true change to occur in your life, the subconscious mind must change. Create your own personalized subconscious mind transformation recording to change old belief systems, patterns of behavior, and even experiences that are no longer serving you. In this one-on-one session, you will tap in to your ideal future self to create a recording that will feed your subconscious mind the thoughts and images necessary to live the life of your dreams! Please contact me if you are interested in creating your own personalized subconscious mind transformation recording!

Daily Dollar Downloads
Start your day with a Vibrational Awakening by aligning with the truest essences of who you are: love, joy, fulfillment, success, fun, empowerment, security and so much more! These vibrations are our birthright and are always ready and willing to increase their presence in our lives!  For just a dollar a day, you will receive a different guided visualization/ meditation that will awaken a high vibrating essence and increase your alignment with your heart's and soul's desires! Please contact me to begin receiving your daily dollar downloads!

If you have any questions about my approach to vibrational alignment coaching or are interested in a free discovery session, please contact me for more information. 

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